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"The Agency for Innovation and Development" is a specialized government organization in the sphere of innovation which deals with assessment, support and implementation of innovative projects. Working in cooperation with the Government and the entities of the innovation infrastructure, the Agency creates a competition-friendly environment in the innovative sphere and provides support to small and medium-size enterprises, the final objective being creation of a modern national innovation system.

The Head of the Agency is Vladimir Loginov, Actual State Councellor (the 2nd class) of the Russian Federation.

The Agency is staffed by highly qualified specialists established in their professions, among them PhDs and professors.

The Agency directly participated in developing “The Conception of Regional Innovation Policy in 2010-2015” and the long-term regional targeted programme “Development of Innovation Activities in the Voronezh Region in 2011-2015”, which are the fundamental innovation policy documents in the region.

The authorized body which competence includes implementation of innovation policy and organization of the activities for the production, issuance and service of all-in-one smart cards in the region is the Department for Economic Development of the Voronezh region.

The Agency for Innovation and Development is the authorized organization:

  • for the federal project "All-in-one smart card", which ensures easy access to public and municipal services;
  • to ensure functioning of the business incubators in the Voronezh region: "Aviatsyonny", "Vostok";
  • to implement the long-term regional targeted programme “Development of Innovation Activities in the Voronezh Region in 2011-2015".

The regional government organization the Agency for Innovation and Development actively participates in implementing the state innovation policy.

Thereby the Agency implements the following goals:
  • increasing the investment appeal of the Voronezh region for Russian and foreign investment;
  • stimulating the development of innovation susceptibility of small and medium companies;
  • stimulating innovation and investment activities;
  • implementing and distributing information and communication technologies, creating an integrated multifunctional information and telecommunication space in the Voronezh region;
  • providing the population of the Voronezh region with convenient and efficient access to state, municipal and other services;
  • implementing and distributing innovation achievements;
  • participating in the development, expert examination, competitive selection and implementation of innovation and investment projects in the order and on the conditions stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The Agency performs the following tasks:
  • assisting public authorities in the implementation of the innovation and investment policy;
  • assisting in improving the legal framework for innovation;
  • forming the expert community to assess the effectiveness of the innovation policy and the selection of strategic innovation projects;
  • creating a system of information support for innovation activities, “building bridges“ between the creators of innovative products and the investors interested in their introduction;
  • developing innovation culture among businessmen, government officials as well as in the population, to implement scientific and educational projects;
  • developing the infrastructure: techno parks, business incubators, innovation industrial clusters, training and business centers, technology transfer centers and other institutions;
  • supporting the creation and implementation of innovation projects of scientific institutions and universities, to bring such projects to market;
  • implementing strategic innovation projects, which will become catalysts for innovation development in corresponding fields;
  • implementing projects for the preparation and mastering the production of traditional products with special characteristics and fundamentally new types of products, as well as technologies of construction, reconstruction and modernization of objects, the creation of unique research and testing facilities.

Organization structure

The fundamental documents in the innovation sphere of the Voronezh region, which are designed to form the principles of work in the innovation sphere, were developed with the direct participation of the Agency for Innovation and Development:
  • "The Conception of Regional Innovation Policy in 2010-2015" (approved by the Enactment of the Government of the Voronezh region of February 11, 2010 No 70);
  • Long-term regional targeted programme "Development of Innovation Activities in the Voronezh Region in 2011-2015" (approved by the the Enactment of the Government of the Voronezh region of October 19, 2010 No 887).
Possessing the necessary competence, The Agency for Innovation and Development provides all interested individuals and legal entities with the following services:
  • carrying out scientific and technical audit of innovation projects and organizations;
  • conducting market research of the innovation market;
  • developing business plans for innovative projects and development programmes;
  • providing legal protection of intellectual property and means of individualization;
  • innovation management;
  • development and promotion of intellectual property objects, including trademarks, through implementation of investment projects;
  • introduction of innovative technologies in various sectors of the economy;
  • organizing seminars, trainings, courses, etc. for improving the professional skills of specialists and managers of innovative companies;
  • preparation of documents for filing out applications for investment, grants, loans, subsidies, subventions, etc.;
  • consulting on filing applications to participate in contests, auctions, quotation requests for rendering of services for state and municipal requirements.

Extra: The Agency for Innovation and Development is ready to assist in:

  • providing the services of web-conferencing;
  • selecting Internet service providers;
  • solving disputes with providers;
  • purchasing computer equipment;
  • providing consulting and training services to Internet users.

At present our region has accumulated significant scientific, technical and innovation potential. Its usage in combination with skillful use of instruments of regional innovation policy enables to stimulate and coordinate the ongoing positive developments in the regional economy and to create conditions of "critical mass" when the growth of innovation production will assume a rapid character.

Our region possesses considerable intellectual potential, which can and should become the basis of the growth of competitiveness of the products and the Voronezh enterprises themselves. Increasing competitiveness is directly related to innovativeness and, consequently, the construction of a well-functioning innovation system should be a priority for the state in the coming years. Russia and, in particular, the Voronezh region, should be among the advanced countries – those possessing technologies, scientific and innovative research results of tomorrow.

To this end, the long-term regional targeted programme "Development of Innovation Activities in the Voronezh Region in 2011-2015" is being implemented in the Voronezh region. The main goal of the programme is the creation and development of the regional innovation system, which will ensure the planned socio-economic development of the Voronezh region, the overcoming of the existing technological gap of a number of industries in the Voronezh region, and the support of innovation activities at all the stages of the innovation cycle.

In 2012, due to the change in the responsibilities of the Industry and Transport Department of the Voronezh region, the function of innovation development was transferred to the Department for Economic Development of the Voronezh region. Information on planned and current measures of the implementation of the programme can be obtained in the relevant sections.

Within the programme four events have been planned:

Measure 1
Development of the regulatory, information support of innovation activities and development of the innovative culture.

The objectives of the measure are:

  • improvement of the regulatory framework in the innovation sphere at the regional level and its integration with the regulatory framework at the federal level;
  • selection of innovation projects on the basis of expert opinions, the experts are choosen on a competitive basis;
  • creation of a system of information support for innovation activities, which will create an information bridge between the creators of innovative products and the Russian and foreign investors interested in their introduction;
  • development of innovative culture in business environment and among the population of the Voronezh region using new educational technologies, research and educational work and mass media.
Measure 2
Support of innovation activities at the stage of the creation of intellectual property objects and organizing their use ("seeding" stage).

As part of the measure it is planned to organize giving grants for the creation of small innovative companies in the form of subsidies to compensate for a part of the costs of small innovative enterprises from the resources of the budget of the Voronezh region and the federal budget which are allocated for the state support of innovative small and medium enterprises as part of the implementation of a package of measures for innovations introduction and technological upgrading.
Grants for the creation of a small innovative company are given in the form of subsidies on non-repayable terms on the condition of shared financing of the operating expenses for registration of a legal entity and the costs for starting a business. Also consulting support in organizing small innovative enterprises at universities and research institutes is granted.

Measure 3
Support of innovation activities at the stage of development work and pilot production.

The objectives of the measure are creation of the necessary infrastructure for organizing innovative enterprises and attraction of private investment for them.

Measure 4
Support of innovation activities during the transition to mass production at the stage of innovation development and innovation growth.

The objectives of the measure are creation of conditions for development and growth of innovative enterprises and ensuring development of the complex of strategic projects.

As part of the implementation of the programme measures it is planned to achieve the following goals by 2015:

  • at least 20 strategic projects will be implemented, their total capitalization being about 1 billion rubles;
  • the revenue of the enterprises created and supported under the programme will be more than 10 200 millionrubles;
  • the salary budget of the enterprises created and supported under the programme will amount to more than 450 million rubles;
  • it is planned to attract to the Voronezh region's economymore than 920 million rubles from the federal budget and more than 5600 million rubles from non-budget sources;
  • it is planned to create over 1300 new jobs;
  • revenues to the budgets of all levels will amount to more than 2300 million rubles;
  • the planned social impact will be over 3000 million rubles;
  • the planned economic impact will be 98,23 million rubles.
Dear Colleagues, welcome to the press center!

We are happy to provide you with information about the activities of the regional government organization the Agency for Innovation and Development, the innovation projects and the innovation infrastructure of the Voronezh region as well as the experts’ comments on the innovation topic.

We are always open to discussion of the issues important to the innovation community.

For inquiries and proposals for cooperation, please contact the Division of Project Promotion:

office 306, 17 Kutsygina Street, Ste 304, Voronezh, 394018, Russia

+7(473) 280-20-60

The Agency for Innovation and development is looking to cooperate with experts to take part in preparing expert reports and to select promising innovation projects.
We offer interesting, creative work which involves various spheres of science and technology. Cooperating with us, You will have more opportunity to exercise Your scientific and intellectual potential, and Your knowledge and experience will be one of the most important assets of the Agency.
Work of all experts is paid for

The Agency is looking to cooperate with:
  • experts in evaluating scientific and technological novelty of innovation projects which requires state support;
  • experts in specific spheres for evaluation of investment projects.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the expert community, please fill in the questionnaire on the link below:

Regarding entering the expert community, apply to the division of innovative projects and development programs.

+7 (473) 280-20-60

One of the main ways of development and stimulation of innovation activities is creation of an innovative infrastructure that integrates resources of science, large enterprises, including industrial, as well as small and medium businesses.

Business Incubators
Information and consulting services, office space and equipment
Industrial parks
Industrial space for high-tech industries
Techno parks
Technical support of small innovative companies

The main objective of an innovation infrastructure is to facilitate solving the problems of using resources needed to implement the innovation process. As is generally known, the process of creating a new (innovative) product goes through several stages, starting from idea origination, fundamental scientific research and development of the product prototype (R & D) to serial production and selling the product to consumers. All this way called "innovation corridor" is based on enterprises using in their work a whole complex of resources: production and technology, financial, personnel, information, and others.

An innovative infrastructure provides access to these resources, their availability, condition and the ability of enterprises to use them defining efficiency of innovation activities.

In the Russian Federation the innovation infrastructure consists of: innovative and technology centers, business incubators, techno parks, etc.